Contractor Worker’s Compensation Tip #9

Encourage employees to make use of the right safety equipment for the job.

The kinds of equipment that you should absolutely have readily available would be:

1. Goggles or general eye protection

2. Hard Hats (usually required)

3. Gloves (quality mechanics or soft leather)

4. Back support for any kind of manual work can pay dividends long term

5. Dollies and hand trucks – why ask workers to carry what they can roll. Often the lifting and shifting of manual loads can cause fluke injuries in even the young fits construction workers.

6. Step stools – Without a step stool workers are tempted to stand on buckets etc.. that can easily have them losing their balance and potentially causing an injury.

7. Quality ladders – The better the ladder the more stable. Don’t risk it, make sure your ladders are not fatigued and wobbly.

8. Sun Screen – This is a nice touch in the summer and can keep long term employees from the risk of skin cancer.

9. Fresh drinking water – Providing water will actually pay back in dividends. Water will keep your contractors hydrated and internally cooler and refreshed. A hydrated construction worker will be much more productive and on really hot days will avoid heat exhaustion.

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