Contractor Worker’s Compensation Tip #8

Conduct safety & health training. To ensure all construction workers understand how to practice safety on the jobsite, be sure to provide regular training on safety procedures, hazard protections and emergency response plans. Consider incorporating this training into your new-hire orientation and mandating regular safety training annually thereafter.

Train your contractors by holding regular workshops. Pass out information on the correct handling of power tools, jobsite safety etc. Make all appropriate safety gear obtainable to your workers for job site applications.

Teach your workers about the dangers of the equipment that they work with. Distribute information on stretching prior to work, treating common injuries, and following procedures in case of accident or injury.

Contractors should encourage employees to wear safety gear properly and to sek help immediately in the event that they are injured. Then, reward employees for safe operating procedures. Employees ought to learn about the physical and health hazards of material they work with, and how to protect themselves.

Constructions workers ought to know how to make use of all of your shop’s equipment properly and what personal protective equipment is obtainable to them. In addition, all employees ought to know exactly what to do in the event of an emergency.

These steps will help your experience modicfication which has a direct effect on your contractor/construction workman’s compensation insurance.

Next post we’ll look at specific safety equipment to consider providing.

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